FSSA planning and outcome within next week

August 16, 2006

Upcoming FSSA protests are said to happen within next week… You can see that there’s news that FSSA had been secretly planning to protest on the opening day of school’s classes, or may happen few days after that. They hadn’t been telling what and how they are going to do it. Either it is good or bad, it would be fun to watch both sides clashing.

On GallyFSSA.org, they quoted – “It’s not about individuals, it’s about social justice.” Ummm… they certainly have a point here. But they are saying that the whole presidential search process was flawed. Based on what grounds? Actually, there is none. Let me know if I am wrong and what’s the proof?

Once the 9th president was selected, it is done deal. No turning back in ordering search process to be reopened. BoTs clearly said that they wouldn’t go back to the drawing board and redo the search process, period. Whether we like it or not, it’s the only way that Jane Fernandes is to announce her resignation as a selectee. If she continues to stay as 9th president, she may face similar problems as 7th president Zinser did.

If she thinks that she can help Deaf community and Gallaudet by leading them into unknown future. Let her do that. If she fails to do her job during her Gallaudet presidency. You will know who will terminate her job, it’s BoTs and possibly outcry of Deaf community.  That’s not a problem.

I would allow her to lead Gallaudet University as the 9th president. Whether there’s good or bad outcome, I wish a best of luck to FSSA and President-select Jane Fernandes.

Also, I say good luck to FSSA for trying to out throw Dr. Jane Fernandes. It may be a uphill battle for FSSA, but not impossible!

Flashback : Scenes behind Deafhood concept


Scenes behind Deafhood concept…

August 7, 2006

There’s several folks bringing up the issue on Deafhood. It wasn’t really popular until the protests on JKF’s presidential selection process. Actually, at first, JKF protest was began with “not Deaf enough” then it became a mistake after the news media exposed the reason behind the protest. So the message against JKF had been changed to different issues such as “not leader enough”, “not efficiency enough in ASL”, etc… Those issues against JKF are still not clarified to the news media and to the public. So they got the impression in the first place that she is not Deaf enough. Thus, it did hurt the image of FSSA and anti-JKF folks. FSSA tried hard enough to clear up the message to the news media and to their public officials in the Capitol. Still not good enough to news media and public officials. They are not listening to FSSA and anti-JKF protestors, because their messages had been changing several times against Fernandes.

Now, that Deafhoodism had been the main focus in this controversy and it became increasingly popular among Deaf people through the blogs and NAD sessions.

When arguing about Deafhoodism, why in the world this protest have anything to do with this?

The goal of Deafhoodism in the Deaf community is to be united with all people who are deaf/Deaf, late-deafened, hard-of-hearing, oralists and cochlear-implantees.  So that they can have one goal. What’s the goal? They are desperately trying to get together to over-throw the presidential search process and rollback BoTs’ decision on the selection of the 9th president. So desperate as ever. Simple as that.

In my opinion, “Deafhood” terminology is quite a joke to me. I am proud to be Deaf, and I am proud to use ASL. Deafhoodism is nothing but just political term to elaborate and promote itself.

Just be yourself and be damn proud of it …and no need to add “Deafhood” into our everyday vocabulary, really.